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The Science of Synergy to Obtain Silky Water
Pink Sugar
Keeping a hot tub clean and clear is easy. Doing it with minimal effort and fewer chemicals? Not so much.

Most spa chemicals are designed to kill pathogens that make spa water cloudy and unhealthy. Very few are designed to make the water feel better. Fewer still are designed to make you feel better about your spa water.

The Natures Pure Spa System utilizes a combination of salts and minerals to sanitize, condition, purify and buffer the spa water so that routine maintenance and exposure to harsh chemistry is reduced. Synergy between the salts and minerals dramatically reduces the amount of sanitizer required for clean water.

Natures Pure Spa System can be used as a stand alone, two or four part system to replace your current water maintenance regimen. With just two start up products and two weekly products, your spa water will stay clean and clear with 50-75% less chlorine/bromine sanitizer than regular chlorine/bromine/salt spas.

Natures Pure Spa Steps three and four can be used to enhance your current sanitizing system by reducing sanitizer levels and conditioning the water to be silky smooth. Steps three and four work with bromine, chlorine and salt water spas as well as our own products.

Click through our products and learn how you can love your spa water, maybe for the first time.
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